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Use Notes to sell Real Estate Fast...

by Trust Deed Investments: Randy Wilkins

Selling Real Estate offering seller financing and you offer a tremendous benefit to your buyers. Don't discount the sales price, offering "Owner Will Finance" is a premium many buyers will pay dearly for.

When you agree to finance the buyer using a Note and Deed of Trust, Real Estate Land Contract or Contract for Deed, Texas Real Estate Commission Contract (TREC) or Installment Sales Contract. (These are all contracts in which the buyer purchases the seller's property on an installment basis).  Remember, you are providing a service and convenience the buyer most likely cannot obtain anywhere else.

It's been said "don't fix the property; fix the financing". Obviously that observation requires a little good judgment, if the property is in disrepair, has bad curb appeal, leaky roofs, broken plumbing etc. it doesn't matter how good the terms are.

However cosmetic blemishes or slightly outdated amenities, maybe the kitchen needs new cabinets or the buyer would like granite countertops etc... these things can and will be overlooked with the enhancement of "creative financing".

For many home buyers the primary concern is how much down and how much a month? When we apply the principles of seller financing we learn many buyers are less concerned about the price, more forgiving about cosmetic blemishes and relieved they don't have to stress about qualifying for a loan.

This presents an opportunity to maximize the real estate sales price. Many property sellers tell us "I don't want to be the lender I just want my money". That's where we come in; companies like Trust Deed Investments specialize in purchasing private mortgages and seller financed notes. We can finalize the purchase of your Note in 7-10 business days and we always pay all costs.

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