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We buy Seller Financed Real Estate Notes and Private Mortgages Nationwide... 

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Since "1982" Trust Deed Investments is the principal buyer of Seller Financed Real Estate Notes, Mortgages and Land Contract's.

We buy Mortgage Notes and Deed of Trust nationwide. Receive cash for your mortgage notes on residential, commercial properties, portfolios... 

We have one of the highest payout percentages in the industry and we typically close in 7-10 business days after we receive the "Complete package".

At Trust Deed Investments we specialize in the purchase of Seller Financed Mortgage Notes, Private Mortgage Notes, Deeds of Trust, Contract for Deed and Private Land Contracts.

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Have you sold real estate and agreed to finance the buyer (carry the paper)? You're in good company; approximately 9 billion dollars of real estate is sold annually with some variation of "Seller Financing". The types of seller financing utilized are limited only by your imagination. Some sellers use a Note and Mortgage, some used a Contract for Deed or Land Contract, then there is the occasional Wraparound Mortgage where the seller has an underlying lien.

All of them are acceptable and effective ways to sell real estate when the buyer may not qualify for institutional financing. Many sellers tell us "I want to sell my Note" and we want to buy your note, we have millions of dollars to invest.

With interest rates still near historical lows there may never be a better time to sell a mortgage, sell a note, sell a trust deed, or sell a land contract. If you are in the market to sell a Note, sell a Mortgage, a Deed of Trust, or sell any Real Estate secured note; contact us for "Absolute Top Dollar for Your Note."

When a Full Purchase of Your Note makes sense:

Most investors prefer a full purchase of your note. In a properly structured real estate sale where the buyer has average credit, 10%-20% down payment, stable job history and makes all of their payments on time; most note buyers will offer a Full Purchase of your note.

If sufficient time has passed from the time of sale to afford the buyer equity appreciation (allowing an acceptable LTV) a full purchase of your note always makes sense.

The fact of the matter is "most" seller financed notes do not fit this criteria, that's why you did seller financing in the first place.

This is the fundamental reason why "sometimes" a Partial Purchase of your note is not only the "best option", sometimes it's the only option. The vast majority of the time when a Partial Purchase is the only option it's a question of a loan to value, the risk is simply too high for a full purchase.

A partial purchase of your note is the combination of the two greatest multipliers of wealth known to man.

  • The miracle of compound interestStack od Cash  
  • The time value of money    

When you sell part of your note (Example: the next 10 years payments on a 30 year note) you continue to earn interest on the remaining portion of the note you did not sell. Every month your payers pay interest on the entire balance of the mortgage note; the portion you sold PLUS the portion you did not sell. You get cash now for the portion of the mortgage note you sold plus you continue to earn interest on the remaining portion of your note you did not sell...

That's a win-win situation; have your cake and eat it too! With our flexible purchase options we may be able to show you how you can receive more than 100% for your mortgage note. Read more about this interesting concept of a Partial Purchase of your note; just Click Here 

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